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He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;
And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.
Romans 4: 20-21

The difficulties in life are intended to make us better not bitter – Unknown

Bible Study Reference: 1 Samuel 1

Today, we are going to learn from Hannah about how to deal with waiting.

Lesson 1: Refuse to be offended 

Sometimes situations and people that will trigger offences will arise just whilst waiting for the long awaited miracle.

As hard as it is, don’t take it personal, rather focus on the end result.

For me, this is one major tool the enemy uses when I am waiting for something…offence!

It’s like people have been specially anointed at key seasons in my life to get me offended, or God is using them to build my resistance to offence..or maybe God is developing my character and ability to persevere?

Now back to Hannah, when the opportunity arose she refused to be offended and did not respond in the flesh.

Offence: husband told her to stop crying and eat, afterall he was he not better than 10 sons? He couldn’t understand why she was crying, he even offered her more food!

Fleshy thought: He just did not get what she was going through or how she was feeling! Selfish spouse who doesn’t understand and “soooooooooo” unable to offer emotional support.

Fleshy response: you’re so selfish and insensitive. It’s because you have your own children and I have none, that’s why you responded like that..and then you offered me food as a substitute for my own children? Oh Lord, I sure married the wrong man!  [ps – how would you have responded? fill in the blanks ____________________________________]

Hannah’s reply: she didn’t answer. She went silently and alone to the temple to pour her heart out to GOD.

I am so sure I would not have responded as she definitely lessons I am still learning…#work-in-progress

Question: what is God teaching me in the moments that offences come…How do I usually respond? How should I respond as a spirit-led child of God?

Tips for dealing with offence:

  • Think on this: Jesus for the joy set before him endured…Hebrews 12:2
  • When offences come, focus on the end result/goal. The goal is what you focus on and not the offensive act..if you don’t have a goal..ask God for one..
  • Refuse to be offended and don’t take it personal
  • See it as a situation where God is developing your character and ability to persevere
  • You have one life to live and decide to live it joyfully to God’s glory. Be so determined that no one is going to make you lose your peace. Some people seem to have a gift of winding others up!
  • Some people suggest practicing advance forgiveness daily – you forgive any offence for that day before it happens…I should do this more often!

Lesson 2:  Keep your mouth shut and don’t react when provocation knocks at your door.

Read lesson 1 above to see this in action.

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry – James 1v 19

Prayer: Father in the name of Jesus, please help me not to respond with my flesh, but to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of my tongue.

Lesson 3: Be persistent..

She kept going year after year with her husband to Shiloh, despite the taunts from the Peninah [her husband’s 1st wife] about not having her own children.

She didn’t go elsewhere but kept coming.

It’s not about your mockers, but you and God. Don’t allow your mockers to stop you from going to the house of the Lord! Have you stopped going to church because of your mockers?

Lesson 4: Pull yourself together
She pulled herself together – she  was determined and resolute. You have cried enough. It is time to pull yourself together. Go back to God, Pray and return to [your place in] the house of the Lord.

Lesson 5: Pour your heart to God alone
– She went to pray alone. Her husband did not go with her.
– She did not drag him or ask him to come with her. This was the prayer of one alone with God
– She slipped away quietly. There was no drama or emotional blackmail to get her husband to come along
– She prayed a heartfelt and silent prayer, with her lips moving where she poured her heart out to God – heartfelt prayers draw the attention of God

Pour out your heart to God. He is interested in every aspect of our lives, even the little details that we sometimes do not want to bother Him about.

Lesson 6: Focus on God when praying
Hannah was not distracted and was focused whilst praying. Her prayer request was focused on what she was asking for. There was no mention of Peninah or her husband in her prayer – she was so focused on what she wanted God to do.

When asking God in prayer, be focused on what you want Him to do for you and not on what someone said.

Lesson 7: Make a vow
Hannah made a vow to God by saying that she would give her son back to God to serve Him. this was the reason for asking for a child – he will serve God. The vow is your reason why you are asking God. What is your reason for asking God for a child?

Lesson 8: Respect & Honor Authority 
They may say the “wrong” things and misjudge your intentions.

Eli the priest misjudged and wrongly accused Hannah. He thought she was drunk. He didn’t know that she was actually praying and pouring her heart out to God. He called her a wicked woman who was drunk with wine or beer! So, this was an opportunity where offence and disrespect could occur.

Fleshy thought: is he really a man of God..he can’t even discern that I was praying! Prayer distractors! Maybe he was sent by the devil to distract or hinder my prayers.
After All  scripture says that we should shake the dust off our feet if we enter a place and they do no receive us! l am leaving this place and going to find a “true” man of God, who can really hear God and discern when someone is praying.

Hannah’s reply: she called him sir and explained that she was not drunk, but actually pouring her heart to God. the priest replied that God would grant her her request and her countenance changed after…

Lessons from Hannah on showing respect and honour to the priest:
– She received the prophet in the name of the prophet
– God is the one that will answer your prayer and not the man of God. Look beyond the “faults” of the priest in the temple and focus on God.
– She honoured the priest Eli and called him “sir” after he wrongly judged her  and called her a wicked and drunk woman!
– Sometimes the priest in the temple may say something hurtful or misjudge your intentions..the priest/pastor is not God, don’t be offended or disrespectful, because of their “wrong” comments or actions – you are a child of God, respect and give honour. .

Ps – there are times I have been guilty of reacting to the situation #lessons-learnt.  

Thank you for reading all to the end of this Bible study. There are really useful lessons to learn from Hannah whilst waiting and maturing,